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WEEK 7: How do African diaspora religions show up in the media?

This week’s post is a combination of studying your search engines and discussing sources you all find.

1) SEARCH 2-3 of these KEYWORDS:

  • “Afro diaspora religion” or “African American diaspora religions”
  • Santeria
  • Espiritismo
  • Vodun (compare with and without quotation marks “Vodun”)
  • Palo Monte
  • Mesa Blanca

2) CHOOSE one article to open conversation about.

3) In your QUESTION DISCUSSION: (remember don’t answer your own question.)

  • Briefly describe your keyword search observations.
  • Introduce your media item for discussion.
  • How does your media item relate to the issues you observed in your web searching?
  • What position if the author/producer of the media source have toward the religion?
  • What audience is this media item intended for?
  • Doe this media source counter or compliment what we have learned in class this week?
  • How does what we are learning in class open up alternate ways of understanding both the religion and this media item?

(interesting side conversation…observe Packback’s Instant Feedback grammatical issues. Do you notice a pattern?)

– RESPOND to two questions posted by your classmates.

– Put citations in the main post and responses for your classmates

– use APA style

– write it in paragraphs for the main task and responses

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