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Please answer three of the following prompts. For each prompt, your answer should be 2 written pages, double spaced. Answers should refer to readings, class lectures and discussions, and current event discussions.

((( please choose 3 of the 7 from the prompt below and answer for each 2 written pages,) so it 6 pages in total ))

***I have attached the course materials and videos link***

choose 3 and answer :

1- Explain the difference between reproductive rights and reproductive justice and discuss at least one case or event from the reading and how it relates to both of these themes.

2- Even before this year, millions of people in the United States were living in a post-Roe world. Explain what that means, how it relates to themes of reproductive justice, and how it relates to current events.

3- The approval of birth control and the later Court decisions striking down laws that restricted access to birth control are seen as a reproductive freedom revolution. Discuss why that is the case and also discuss what “more” there is to the story that makes the victory more tempered.

4- Discuss what you learned about reproductive freedom in the early days of the United States’ existence and how that differs from common perceptions about abortion in United States history.

5-Explain the similarities between the realities described in Roe v. Wade (and discussed in the oral argument we listened to in class) and current events discussed, including SB 8 in Texas.

6- Discuss the relationship between racism and the effort to restrict reproductive freedom in the mid- 1800s.

7- Sarah Weddington was in her 20s when she argued Roe v. Wade. Heather Booth was in her 20s when she organized the Jane Collective. Many college students today are concerned about reproductive autonomy and reproductive justice. Referencing course discussions and the readings, what are things that people can do in their own lives to address these issues.

course materials.:

To review what was discussed during the class , you can listen to the oral arguments from Roe v. Wade

Roe v. Wade 1971 Oral Argument<>
Attorneys presented oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court in the landmark abortion case Roe. v. Wade. Sarah Weddington argued for Roe, the pseudonym for a Texas woman who sought to terminate her pregnancy . Texas Assistant Attorney General Jay Floyd argued on behalf of the government. The arguments were presented on audiotape with still …

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