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What ideas can help translate the challenge of global inequality into a manifesto for change?

What ideas can help translate the challenge of global inequality into a manifesto for change?

Answer this question by a) defining an issue area and ‘case’ (e.g. climate change in Chile, or global pandemics and international trade negotiations), b) explaining the causes of inequalities in this area drawing on ideas covered in the first half of the course, c) naming your goal (e.g. free universal education, ecological debt payments), d) proposing policy and other social changes needed to achieve your proposed goal, and e) considering and replying to possible limitations and criticisms of your proposal.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You can draw on existing proposals for addressing inequalities in public policy. In fact, you’re encouraged to do this.

The research report will apply sociological analysis to contemporary issue of global inequality and development, related to themes discussed in weeks 7-12 (gender, health, education, mining, climate change etc). You will have scope to choose your issue area and precise topic (e.g. gender equality and education policy in Indonesia).

Assessment criteria

1) Sophisticated explanation of the causes of inequality;
2) Well-defined issue and proposal for change;
3) Focused answer in response to the essay question;
4) Appropriate and critical use of evidence;
5) Clear written expression;
6) Attention to detail in citation and references using Harvard style.

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