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Why are you interested in joining Tadawul Graduate program

Graduate Development Program (GDP) is a new program designed for Saudi graduates who intend to pursue a career in the Capital Market. The duration of the program is 9 months – Full time rewarding journey that carries expedited learning and development, unlimited opportunities and advanced experience in the capital market.

Graduate Development Program (GDP) is designed to develop and hone the fresh graduates’ skills in a variety of different areas, and to give them opportunities to learn about the job. It suits candidates who enjoy being challenged, can come up with fresh ideas, and are excited to explore new things.

Tadawul is a private company that is the Saudi Stock Exchange market

Kindly read the the infromation in the website about the services and how it is exciting to work for Tadawul

and answer this question

why are you interested in joining Tadawul graduate development program

Kindly ask me any question in order to support your answer.

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