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WK 7 Discussion: Dialectical Behavioral Theory


Personality disorders are conditions that are extremely stigmatizing and complicated to diagnose, often requiring over 12 months to accurately diagnose. Treatment is limited, typically, to addressing symptoms related to the disorders, as our personalities are fixed and cannot really be changed via pharmacological or non-pharmacological interventions. Due to such limitations of treatment, accessing services, such as acute inpatient care, can be challenging. Obstacles presented by personality disorders tend to be typically relational (interpersonal and intrapersonal) and social.


  1. Create an initial post (150-200 word) that addresses the following question and integrates at least one relevant article:
    • “DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Theory) is the ‘gold standard” in terms of treatment for BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), focusing on core elements like emotional regulation, grounding, mindfulness, and interpersonal effectiveness. DBT, however, is increasingly being used to treat individuals with various mental health conditions. What are two of these diagnoses and what are the expected treatment outcomes for each?”

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