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wk#1 BUS 6190 – Capstone

Week 1- Capstone Project Idea – Business Definition – (Topic)

A capstone project is a culmination of whatever you have learned in your program (MBA or MSCIS). This particular project is different from anything you have done in your course of study. In this capstone course, you will be provided an opportunity to integrate concepts and skills developed in previous coursework in your program in a homogeneous fashion. To do so, you are expected to develop, design, and present your team’s Business Plan (or IS solution) based on real-world situations. Your business plan (or IS solution) needs to be in line with what a professional in the market is expected to do justifiably. Your work has to meet performance, schedule, and budget requirements, adjust for unplanned occurrences and provide project reports. In short, you and your team members have to research and develop a complete business plan (or IS solution) for a business opportunity ( pain point) – existing or novel – that requires business opportunities (pain points), synthesis of communications, analysis, marketing, operations, finance, human resources and leadership, and information technology. Depending on the makeup of your team (disciplines that are present in the team), your focus will include a Business definition, two Case Studies, a Business Plan, and a final group presentation.

In order to better understand what is expected of you and depending on the type of projects you are assigned, you need to:

  1. Create the team structure (depending on the type of capstone assigned) (5 points) – Project Organization
  2. Assign well-defined tasks to each member (5 points) – Tasklist
  3. Select a business problem (refer to the types of capstone project) the solution should adhere to the type chosen and associated CLOs. (30 points +10 Points Total = 40 points) – Problem (opportunity) definition, objectives, what the solution will look like, etc. (500 – 750 words – APA 7.0 and PPT 10 slides – recording)
  4. Fill out a Team Status Report by end of the week and turn it in. There is a status report template (10 points).


Upload your presentation. Review the tips included in the following link for preparing your presentation:…

Presentation Requirements

  • Your presentation should be 10 minutes in duration.
  • Use PowerPoint slides (no more than 15 slides)
  • Do not use wordy slides and no more than TEN bullets in each slide
  • Do not use fancy fonts.
  • Dress nicely; make sure your background and lighting are appropriate. Your face should have enough lighting, do not sit with your back to a light source!
  • Look at the camera, do not look sideways
  • Use zoom recording or similar, and make sure your video does not cover any part of the presentation.

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