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Word document and submitting the Word document along with your SPSS data

You will be answering the questions in a Word document and submitting the Word document along with your SPSS data file (.sav file). It is preferred that students work in pairs on the assignment, with one assignment submitted per pair; both students in a pair will receive the same grade. Name the Word document as follows: OurLastNamesFirst Initials_Assign5.docx (or MyLastNameFirst Initial_Assign5.docx), where you replace OurLastNamesFirst Initials (or MyLastNameFirst Initial) with your first initials and last names (e.g., WolfJ_Assign5.docx). Your name(s) must be a part of the file name. Please also type your name(s) at the top of the Word document. Your SPSS data file (.sav file) should be named in the same way as the Word document. Upload both the Word document and your SPSS data file (.sav file) to Canvas on the Assignment 5 page.

Please read the instructions provided in the assignment carefully. Points are attached to the instructions, and your grade will be affected for not following them.

Below you will find the assignment, the data file needed for this assignment, a file with California County codes, and the documentation for the SPSS data file. You can download all the files, but must download the “Data for Assignment 5” file.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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