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Workbook w5-8(I need you have Netflix account)

WEEK #5 – IDENTITY WORK(1)Glance through Reingold’s (2018) You Are a Slut! What are some of the strengths of this work – and with presenting academic research like this in a graphic novel format? Read Keep Your Kink Out of My Pride (2017) and offer 3 examples of identity talk/boundary work – along with explanation/s about some of the functions of deploying this type of discourse.…

WEEK #6 – “KINKS”(1) Visit a mainstream online sex shop like Adam & Eve, Spectrum Boutique, Babeland, or Lovehoney. Then look through a website specializing in BDSM gear – such as Stockroom or Rough Trade Gear. Write 3 paragraphs commenting on how their web design, consumer demographics, and product inventory compare/contrast.

(2) Read Fabric of Our Memories (Van Doorn, 2015).(find on google) Write 1-2 paragraphs describing what you found interesting, along with another 3 paragraphs commenting on how fashion/clothing can constitute, influence, and signal an individual’s sexual identity. While illustrating these points, you may refer to personal experiences, to examples from popular culture, or to people you know (but please do not list any real names or identifying information about these folx).

WEEK #7 – LIFECOURSE Watch the first episode of Grace and Frankie on Netflix and write 5 paragraphs about how it relates to Wolkomir’s (2009) findings. Make sure to identify a few stigma management techniques utilized by each divorcing couple and their families in order to cope. Also offer some commentary about how the dynamics within these marriages might influence whether each ultimately decide to stay together romantically/sexually, stay together platonically, or divorce?

WEEK #8 – MEDIA(1) Read Dissecting Jenji Kohan and Jill Soloway’s Clash Over Trans Representation on TV(Halperin, 2014). Write 3 paragraphs analyzing each showrunner’s respective arguments, what impact you think each viewpoint can have on TV content, and how course concepts apply.…

(2) Find an interview, article, or post by a sex worker commenting on FOSTA-SESTA. Write 4 paragraphs about (a) what kinds of sex work they have done; (b) why or how they got involved in sex work; (c) how they brand/market themselves and their labor; (d) ways that policies like FOSTA-SESTA has affected their lives.

Type responses onto this form, in a single-spaced standard 12-point Times New Roman font on numbered pages with 1-inch margins

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