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Write an analysis part for a thesis (master’s degree) for Food quality management.

I’m working on a management question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

An introduction is needed for my thesis. 10-12 pages long. The subject is Achieving benefits from food quality management systems (FQMS). The introduction needs to be written according to the outline I have uploaded as an attachment below and with respect to the comments made by the professor ( highlight and text contained in the outline). I have also uploaded my entire thesis along with the original introduction should that be useful. The introduction should be aligned with the rest of the thesis. A+ writing skills are required, please do not bid unless you are completely confident you can deliver. APA format ( references, literature should strengthen the writing). Any change in the format should be highlighted with orange color, every reference used should be stated in the text and in the reference list ( with orange color again any new additions in the reference list).

after this introduction that we also worked together, now we go to the next step, literature review. you continue in the file of the introduction that you already wrote.( answer 4) some parts that in earlier files were marked as to detailed, might be used now. I hope you have kept them. Now after the introduction and literature review, its time for the methodology part. 10-15 pages.

Also any changes n the previous versions of the introduction and literature review that supervisor might ask, I will upload document with comments here, in order to make the appropriate changes. Thank you.I uploaded the last document of introduction and literature review, I have send it to the supervisor too, and I wait for feedback. Also excel file with results, and my thesis in which you can check methodology and questionnaire.the methodology and analysis that I made in my thesis word file from page 54, questionnaire is in the end, page 116. After Introduction literature review and methodology now we will work on the analysis part. You have already worked on the thesis so now you know how you will do the analysis. The analysis as you mentioned will be quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative, you will analyze the results from the questionnaire which I have already sent and I will upload it again. So you will use these results or you might combine them with any other results that you could create. Qualitative, from open questions, you explained how you will do it, maybe you will explain that there was an informal conversation with managers workers, etc. You can work on it as you want if you explain it clearly and the supervisor will agree. Regarding the quantitative analysis, you will need to present graphs, pies, charts and analyze them. You can take a look at my thesis if you think it is appropriate. Then you might make any regression analysis or make any correlations, once again you can have a look at my document. you will decide how you will work, but it will be necessary to have a logical flow, so theoretical part and analysis there must be a connection. the length it will be approximately 15 pages. Then as it is the final part you will might need to make any changes that supervisor will ask both in this analysis part and the previous parts that you have done( introduction, literature review , methodology). As we worked previous times, because I closed previous questions, so previous parts it doesn’t work to post any comments there. So any changes that the supervisor will ask for both in this part and in previous parts, I will post them here. I kindly ask you as in previous times, with excellent communication and cooperation make the corrections that need and asked from the supervisor. Once again you will highlight with green any changes that you make in the comments of supervisor. Also as it is the final part I would like to kindly ask you to write the conclusions which is after analysis and which it will be 1 page approxiately. Also I would like to kindly ask you to write also, in the beginning, the abstract which is also 1 page. To sum up in this work we will do the analysis and any changes that supervisor will ask until he will be satisfied. Any changes in previous parts that he will might ask. 1 page conclusions 1 page abstract

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