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write two distinct sections.

Section 1: Reconstruct and elaborate upon one or two of the major concepts from this first portion of the course (these are: the dialectic, labor theory of value, social class, social alienation, modes of production, and primitive accumulation). Make sure it is clear what concept(s) you are examining–write it as a section title. Include key details that will help to make sense of the concept(s) you are focusing on.

Section 2: Illustrate the theoretical concept(s) that you are discussing with a real world, concrete example (either occurring in history or nowadays). Here you will put theory to use in helping to better understand lived experience and societal processes. Have a title for your section 2.

Grading criteria: we will be looking for papers that:

1) Accurately and thoroughly examine a concept (or two concepts)from this part of the course.

2) Use the concept(s) productively to think about a concrete example with genuine insight. For the concrete example that you connect to the concept(s), you can use anecdotal evidence (including a personal experience) or use a newspaper article, book, scholarly article, or other reading.

3) Make references to the relevant course readings to support the points that you are making. We need to see that you are utilizing course material to support the points that you are making

4) Have citations and include a reference page. The vast majority of your citations need to come from course readings. in your paper.

References: In your reference page you should cite the course readings and any outside reading source you have used. If you use an outside reading source and it is online be sure to include the URL. Any reference style is fine (such as APA, MLA, Chicago), just make sure you stick with one single reference style throughout the paper. Check how to write references on the UCLA library website.

Length: Your paper should be between a minimum of 900 words and a maximum of 1,000 words, font size 12. Single or double space is fine.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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