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Write up on proposed strategy for Rakuten

  1. Issues and strategies

Identification of the strategic issues (based on previous external and internal analyses,

provide analysis on the impact of the issues on the long-term sustainability of the company)

  • Strategy evaluation (Provide analysis on the suitability, acceptability, and feasibility of
  • the recommended strategies)

  • Strategy implementation (Provide information as to how these strategies will be
  • implemented)

    1. Proposed strategies (A careful attention should be devoted to the focus and various

    levels of strategy)

    For strategic issues, you can use :

    • Building a web services like amazon

    For proposed strategy, you can use :

    compare with amazon web service and how it can be implemented to rakuten and how it will benefit rakuten.

    Please provide more reseach on the above issue and strategy with the above requirement. References need to be APA style.

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    Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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