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Writing a memo

This discussion topic is designed to help you get started on a topic for writing assignment #4, the white paper.

Before responding to this discussion topic, please make sure to watch the video, “The Basic Memo,” which is posted in Content for week 5.

For this discussion topic, please post a memo to your instructor indicating your topic for your white paper, the problem or issue you will be addressing, and the “new approaches” you will be suggesting for addressing the problem. Keep in mind the instructions given in the Purdue OWL lecture on white papers as you consider the problem or issue and new approaches.

In addition, in your memo, please indicate what the audience would be for your white paper and why this particular audience would be interested in your white paper.

Thanks. Please choose the topic based off the discussion post below . The only constant is changing technology. The new software is a system that is good for business but can be challenging to the employees. Therefore, the employees must know about the new system and how to train them is key (Mitrofanova et al,. 2017 .September). There are already existing technologies in every industry. Still, the new software has been carefully analyzed, and it appears to be the best; it will help companies grow and thrive, and it is necessary to train employees to see the importance of this software.

Constant change does not go well with all employees as some end up frustrated and burnt out when it comes to learning about these updated software systems. To stabilize this feeling, it requires someone of higher rank and experience to come and understand the benefits of this software as this makes them start feeling comfortable (Ibrahim et al,. 2017). Finding time to train for overloaded employees is hard by allocating specific training time and resources to ensure compressive training will be well- received. Giving a hint of what to expect in the next training session makes employees feel better because they already know what to expect. It encourages them to ask questions and any challenges they face when learning about the new system.

Long-based lectures are no longer effective when training employees on developing new skills. Designing easy training methods will be possible, as interactive demos that involve experimental learning, and the employees can interact with the software (Rampa et al,. 2021). Gamification this is a practical learning method, and the main aim is to help the employees enjoy and engage more, which inspires them to continue learning. Geofencing involves using small bites for training because many employees are always working, which makes learning a challenge. Using small bites at certain times and in certain locations will make the learning of the new systems effective without interfering with their working schedules

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