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You will be using the knowledge gained from our lectures from Themes of art, Hierarchy of painting

For this assignment you will compare and contrast two works of art that I have placed in this instructional page (I have also placed it in the content area that states images to compare and contrast for written Assignment #1) that are about the same topic, but take different approaches to the way the works are put together. You will be using the knowledge gained from our lectures from Themes of art, Hierarchy of painting, and the elements of art (color, shape, space, value, texture, and line) as well as some of the principles of art which we discussed like unity, variety, balance, repetition, et al.

Please type out your answer in either a word document and load it into dropbox, or you may simply write in the dropbox under Written Assignment #1. I think it is easier to write in word then upload. Each section (steps 1-4 are worth 25 points for a total of 100 points).

Step 1: Write five to six sentences describing the two works you see here. They are the same topic just two different artists. Please include what type of paintings these are in the Hierarchy of painting and themes category too.

Step 2: Now find and describe, in another paragraph five things that are similar, in the way these two works of art have been put together. You should have minimum of five sentences for this paragraph. You must look at the artistic principles present in the work—like what type of color scheme or color temp, shapes used or overall layout of the composition, how is space being shown—like linear perspective or atmospheric or is the space strange and sort of dizzying. Then discuss value, texture, or line—or even balance, unity, repetition and so on. You may even see things we have not discussed in our lectures, and you may certainly bring those points up as well.

Step 3: Now in another paragraph tell me four ways the artists handled the work differently (maybe it is the position where you are viewing the work, maybe it is color, or do the people look different, maybe the mood is very different—but you will need to explore why sort of feel that difference but also be able to describe it. This comes back to line, color, value, and space…and all the other elements and principles how these things are put together will create a feeling.

Step 4: Which work do you like better and why—this paragraph should be about 4-5 sentences. Explain why you comprehend one more than the other or like one more than the other. This is about your ability to verbalize and explain (communicate) what you see and the way a work effects mood.

Please proof-read your work as you are graded on grammar, structure, actually hitting the points state above in an organized effective manner.

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