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Creation and implementation of an effective recruiting and retention program to enhance the quality of employees and management within the organization.

1. Write a well-researched paper, approximately 8-9 pages and double-spaced (not counting a title page, table of contents, references, or appendices).
2. Follow the APA Style Manual for referencing and citing sources in the paper.
3. Paper should be written in the third person – not the first person.
4. Paper should be error-free, so it may be wise to have another person proof your work.
5. All sources must be properly cited, according to APA style. In essence, you need to use in-text citations (no footnotes or endnotes in this paper whatsoever). Full citations of all works should be included in the References section, formatted in APA Style.
6. The paper must contain the following elements:
a. Title Page
b. Table of Contents
c. Introduction
d. Problem Statement (5-8 sentence paragraph that clearly defines the problem and why it needs to be researched).
e. Review of current practices (background of literature) in the area
f. Strategic plan for change or creation of the anticipated change (use examples of where this approach has been successful in other organizations if pertinent).
g. Strategic approach for implementation of the change(s)
h. Final recommendations and possible outcomes (best and worst-case scenarios)
i. Summary/Conclusions
j. References section
k. Appendix (if tables or charts or necessary)

7. Use the OUTLINE that is attached as a guide on the TOPIC above; of what was already researched and built upon.

8. Annotated Bibliography has also been attached.

9. There are reference attached as well for research or citing information.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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