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Anthropology Question

For this assignment, you will have been assigned two primate species, one Strepsirrhine and one Haplorhine. You can find your two species listed with your name at the bottom of this assignment. You will fill out the worksheet attached below with the information of this species: Haplorhine species: Common Squirrel Monkey & Strepsirrhine species: Prince Demidoff’s Bushbaby.

The best way to approach this assignment is to answer the questions on the worksheet in order. The first two pages of the worksheet require you to fill out information about the species, its place in the primate order, and its geographic range, diet, and behavior. The last page of the assignment presents you with a list of traits and asks you to identify whether the species has each of the traits. If the species has a trait on the list, you place an “x” in the checkbox, if it does not, you leave it blank.

Information about all of the species assigned can be found in The Pictorial Guide to Living Primates Actions by Noel Rowe (attached below)– each species has a profile with an image and information. Some additional online sources will help you to find information about your species. These include Primate Info Net (Links to an external site.), the Living Primates page from the Knowledge Project (Links to an external site.), and Palomar College’s Primates website (Links to an external site.).

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