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Article Review: LAST STEP (1 day + 4 days)

So the next and FINAL step of this assignment:

The professor paired up with another student. Each one of us wil read, review the other paper and then exchange: Phase 1- 1 day. Phase 2 when I get from professor in a few days.

PHASE ONE: 1 day (!)

Directions: “Attached Draft Literature Reviews. The two of you will read each other’s papers and do a critique. You will make edits in the document using track changes. You will also write up a 500-word summary of the literature review. The first 250 words will be a summary of the content, the second 250 words will be a critique.”

<<<Please do not track with your name, but with REVIEWER>>>>

PHASE TWO: after I submit, probably by Wednesday, this is why I put this for 5 days.

Directions: “After that, you will receive the edits from the other person on my paper, you will make the changes on YOUR paper and send it to professor.”

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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