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Audience Analysis report and ppt

I just need to do the listening analysis section and summary.

I write 350 words in all,Ppt please use canva production, I will provide my account.

Here are PPT and report templates. The research object selected by our group is care Australia.

Students will form groups and choose either a small business (fewer than 50 employees), a not-for profit organisation, a community organisation, or a client from the public sector to conduct an audience analysis and content analysis of their use of one existing communication channel.

The analysis must identify and assess their audience (or desired audience) as well as their current online communication strategy.

Please submit here by 11:59pm Wednesday of Week 7

  1. Group Report: 1000 words (+-10%)
  2. Presentation Slides

In-class presentations will take place in Week 7, Class 2

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