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BK 401 Article Write up

Students will be asked to read several research articles throughout the term (to be scheduled by the Professor). For each article, students will read the article and prepare a 3-4 page (i.e., some writing on the 4thpage) write-up to be handed in to the Professor. The write-ups will consist of a summary of the articles and students reactions to the articles. Citations and references are to be used where appropriate. A reference page is required, in addition to the 3 to 4 page requirement (you must use at least 5 separate sources from the paper in addition to the authors of the paper). Please use the citation and references styles that are used in the assigned research article. Each write-up should be accompanied by a cover page that includes: (1) Student’s Name; (2) Date; and (3) Article Title.

Please write a summary and reaction to this article. Also make sure the it 4 pages and does not sound to smart

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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