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Bk 404 Article Write up

Each student will select from the “popular press” (for example, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Newsweek, etc.) three current (i.e., published in the last year) articles on any aspect of the subject of consumer behavior that we have covered in class. Each article report should consist of a cover sheet (containing the student’s name, course title, title of the article being reviewed, date and number of the report, the name of the author of the article, and the source of the article), the report itself, and a copy of the article, with all components stapled together in the upper left hand corner. All reports must be typed, and should be between two and three pages in length (i.e., some writing on the 3rd page). Approximately one and one-half pages of the review should be a summary of the article itself, the remaining portion of your assignment should be your reaction to the article and how the article relates to class. Standard academic format (double spacing, 12 point type, Times Roman font, etc.) is required. Any topic covered in class by or before the date required for submission is acceptable. Reports are due at the start of class as indicated under “Class Schedule”. Late reports will be subject to a 1 point grade reduction and an additional point deduction for each subsequent class that the report is not submitted.

Reports will normally be graded and returned within one week. In addition to content, correct grammar, spelling and punctuation are required and will be factors in the assignment grade.

Also please if you can create a powerpoint with what you wrote

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