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Broadcast PSA

Assignment #2: Broadcast PSA

For this assignment, you will create a PSA for your client. You will be creating a 30-second television PSA.

Everyone must do this as an individual assignment to start–So everyone will have a creative brief and TV storyboard to submit for an individual grade.

  • You will need carefully examine the research you have conducted and then complete a creative brief.
  • From the creative brief, you must create a storyboard for a 30-second TV public service announcement
  • Eventually, your group will be choosing one script and storyboard to actually produce. So keep in mind when you are creating your pieces as they need to be realistic from a timing and production standpoint.

Components of creative brief (no more than 2 pages)–30 points

  • Situation analysis: A brief analysis of the situation that calls for the PSAs
  • Target audience: Who do you want to target? If you target more than one audience/public, make sure all your targeted publics have commonality that enables you to have a coherent message.
  • Goals/objectives: What are your goals/objectives (informational, attitudinal and behavioral)?
  • Big idea: What is the overall concept/idea that you want to convey?
  • Communication message: What appeals do you want to use (informational, rational, emotional, humor, etc.?) What will be the tone of your communication? What persuasive tactics are you going to use?
  • Desired results: What do you want to achieve?

Grading criteria

Creative brief 30 points

Broadcast PSA

Relation to creative brief 5 points

Concept/story 5 points

Visual effect 5 points

Transitions 5 points

Length 5 points

Format 5 points

Your team will choose one of your scripts/storyboards to move forward with production. You will create a TV PSA to the class. You can check out the equipment at our department or you can use your own cellphone to create high quality audio and video for your PSA. You can edit in any software program you are comfortable with.

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