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Business Management

  • Describe the flows within a supply chain.
  • Summarize the importance of supply chain orientation and supply chain management to organizations.
  • Describe the push, pull, and hybrid supply chain strategies and their relationship to a company’s competitive strategies.
  • Describe how the primary logistics functions support a firm’s supply chain strategy.
  • Describe the various logistics functions and their importance to marketing.
  • Explain how a company’s supply chain and logistics strategies affect its sustainability profile

what we learned.

Purpose of this Assignment:

Your assignment is to keep a journal, on a regular basis, related to this course.

Journal writing is a form of free-writing. It is also “low stakes” writing: it is mostly for yourself (see below), and therefore, it will not be edited necessarily for style or grammar.


Journal writing serves many purposes. In your journals you can:

  • Observe what you are reading, what goes on in class, and how it relates to current real-world marketing events
  • Define what you are doing in an assignment, in the course generally, in your major/minor
  • Express confusion about anything – where you are not understanding, or are frustrated – and perhaps become unconfused as your write or pose questions to me
  • Speculate about what you are studying
  • Give insights – your ideas, your conclusions, your putting things together
  • Connect readings to other readings, this course to other courses, what we are talking about to your life
  • Respond to readings (controversial ones, for example), whether negatively or positively
  • React candidly to what happens in class
  • Be self-aware about what you are studying and why you are studying it
  • Refine your thoughts as they progress throughout the term, whether on particular readings, particular topics, the course generally, or your assignments
  • Evaluate the course, including the task of keeping a journal.


  • AT LEAST one entry per chapter
  • AT LEAST ONE PAGE (double spaced, typed, 12-point font) per entry/chapter.
  • Each entry MUST CONTAIN specific references to thoughts, comments, examples, etc. FROM CLASS.
  • Express yourself freely
  • Take the assignment seriously…but have fun
  • Mark every journal entry with the date/time when you wrote it (you don’t have to write the entry all at once, just note the date/time you work on it)
  • Start each entry on a page
  • “Write in your natural voice with your most comfortable language…. Otherwise you may become distracted by form rather than content….”

While I am specifying much of what your assignment should contain, how you present that information is up to you. Your work will be graded in comparison to the assignments turned in by the other students in the class. Originality and professionalism will also be considered (in other words… entertain me, show me that you’ve learned something and can apply it to the “real world”, and you’ll do well).

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