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business project on Apple

I need 5 written pages and I need 2-3 powerpoint slides per module with a script for each powerpoint that will be read and presented in front of the class

the powerpoint slides should not have more than 5 points with no more than 6 words in each point

Module 2: The Strategic Management Process (Chapter 2)

  1. Identify the major goals of the company. What are its short-term versus long-term goals? What resources must the firm acquire to achieve its long-term goals?
  2. Trace any changes in strategy that you can identify over time. Try to determine whether the strategic changes of your selected firm are a result of intended strategies, emergent strategies, or some combination of both.

Module 3: External Analysis (Chapter 3)

  1. Are any changes taking place in the macroenvironment that might have a positive or negative impact on the industry in which your company is based?

Apply the PESTEL framework to identify which factors may be the most important in your industry. What will be the effect on your industry?

  1. Apply the five forces model to your industry. What does this model tell you about the nature of competition in the industry?
  2. Identify any strategic groups that might exist in the industry. How does the intensity of competition differ across the strategic groups you have identified?
  3. How dynamic is the industry in which your company is based? Is there evidence that industry structure is reshaping competition or has done so in the recent past?

Module 5: Competitive Advantage Perspectives (Chapter 5)

  1. Based on information in the annual reports or published on the firm’s website, summarize what the firm views as the reasons for its successes (either past or expected in the future). Search for both quantitative and qualitative success factors provided in the report.
  2. Does the firm seem most focused on accounting profitability, shareholder value creation, or economic value creation? Give quotes or information from these sources to support your view.
  3. Many firms are now including annual corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports on their websites. See whether your firm does so. If it does not, are there other indications of a triple-bottom-line approach, including social and ecological elements,in the firm’s strategies

  4. Module 11: Organizational Design (Chapter 11)
    1. What is the organizational structure of your focal firm? Would you describe it as following a traditional organizational structure or a holacracy? What key characteristics can you point to as evidence? In what way has this structure had an impact on the firm’s competitive advantage?
    2. Consider your firm’s competitive position and how it has responded to shifts in the external or internal environments. What major strategic change should the firm seriously consider implementing to avoid inertia? Or if the firm is already facing inertia, what can it do to break it?

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