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CAn you write a consumption journal?

Think of a ritual that you have participated in that involves music. This can be a concert, a guitar lesson, marching band, playing records after school, etc. Now, using the discussion of ritual found within these slides, describe this event and what it means/meant to you. 1 page single space

Keywords from slides that need to be used: (Need to use at least 5 of these key words for paper)

Rite- Sequences of action rendered special by virtue of

their condensation, elevation, or stylization; Distinct, social recognized set of procedures; Often, they are named, as well as enacted, in set-aside times and specially chosen places

Ritualization-The evolutionary process by which an action or behavior pattern loses its original function but in retained for its role in display or other social interactions; Activities not normally viewed as rites but treated as if they were or might be

ritual scripts-

ritual audience

Cultural Ritual- Behaviors that occur in a relatively fixed sequence

and that tend to be repeated periodically; Knowledge of rituals simplifies behavioral choices such as how to behave at a wedding; A ritual makes symbolic statements about the social order often by dramatizing cultural myth and often linking the present to the past; Rituals organize people’s feelings and facilitate and simplify group communications

possession rituals

divestment rituals

interaction ritual theory

Bodily Co-Presence-Two or more people are physically assembled in the same place, so that they affect each other by their bodily presence, whether it is in the foreground of their conscious attention or not

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