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Create and Review Your Outline

Create and Review Your Outline In your word processing program or in your research log, create an outline. If your word processing program has an outlining tool, use it to create a formal outline. In Microsoft Word, use Outline View (available in older versions of Word through the View Outline menu command) to view your document in outline mode. Use the Promote and Demote buttons on the outlining toolbar to set the levels for entries in your outline. Use the Collapse and Expand buttons to hide and show parts of your outline. Review your outline by asking yourself the following questions.

1. Does my outline provide an effective organization for my document?

  1. Have I covered all of my key points?
  2. Have I addressed my key points in sufficient detail?
  3. Do any sections seem out of order?”

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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