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Cyber Policy

Cyber Policy Research Paper:

As a culmination of your work on your “In the News” U.S. Cyber Policy Topic throughout the semester you will turn in a final research paper on (Tech and Contact Tracing in the Context of COVID 19) The final paper will be no longer than 7 pages and will include the following components:

  • (Chose one Covid 19 Tracing App and explain how its work) Do not miss a fundamental explanation of what the contact tracing technology function is you are discussing—without that foundational step you are not building on a solid foundation.
  • Identification of the key technology issues at play regarding your topic in non-technical language.
  • Articulation of the key policy issues at play with your topic
  • Comprehensive articulation of the key stakeholders on your issue
  • Mapping (graphic or otherwise) of where these conversations and debates
  • are taking place

  • A description of how this issue has specifically evolved or morphed from
  • January-April, 2021.

  • Your predictions for where the future of this debate/topic is headed.
  • Bibliography and your perspective on the most valuable sources on this topic.
  • ________________________________________________________________________________


    Media sources that could be used:

    · Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    CDC (Twitter @CDCgov)

    · Twitter @Harvard…

    · Stanford Medicine…

    · NPR (Twitter @npr)

    · World Health Organization

    · The Virginia Department of Health

    · WebMD

    · Nature

    · NBC News

    · The New York Times

    · U.S. News & World Report

    · BBC News

    · Rochelle Walensky, Twitter account @CDCDirector.

    · Dr. Tom Frieden, Twitter account @DrTomFrieden.

    · White House COVID-19 Response Team, Twitter account @WHCOVIDResponse

    · Andy Slavitt, Twitter account @aslavitt46

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