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Data Mining 2

The language conflict is “Flemish and Walloons in Belgium”

For this assignment, you will identify and summarize two pieces of writing that deal with the language conflict you have been assigned to. These might be news articles, chapters from books, articles published in academic journals, editorials or other opinion pieces from popular media, or essays from activist sites. A Wikipedia article is NOT an acceptable source for this assignment

The paper should contain 3 main parts

1. An introduction that offers an overview of the language conflict case you are working on, i.e. which language communities are involved, the basic historical facts that underlie the conflict and political, legal or social reflections of the conflict. (no more than 100 words for this part

2.A concise, informative summary of the main points of each article that you read. (no more than 100 words for each article. a total of 150 words should be good)

3. A “critical” summary doesn’t simply summarize the facts; it reflects on and evaluates the arguments presented in the article. To that end, keep in mind questions like:

oWhere and when did each piece appear?

oWhat in the article is being presented as fact? What is being presented as opinion?

oWhat is the author’s agenda? Are they simply reporting on facts, or are they trying to persuade an audience?

oWhat is the audience for each piece?

oWhat did you learn from these two pieces?

oHow does the author support this point? (Specifics are good; try to avoid sweeping generalizations.)

An introduction and conclusion is needed

word requirement: 700+ words

2 paper that you CANNOT use:

Asbrock, F., & Van Hiel, A. (2017). An Insiders’ Outside Perspective on the Flemish-Walloon Conflict: The Role of Identification and Disidentification for the German-Speaking Minority. Psychologica Belgica, 57(3), 115-131. doi: 10.5334/pb.347

Van der Linden, N., & Roets, A. (2017). Insights into the Belgian Linguistic Conflict from a (Social) Psychological Perspective: Introduction to the Special Issue. Psychologica Belgica, 57(3), 1-12. doi: 10.5334/pb.418

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