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DDHA 8600: The Economic Impact of De-Credentialing

As you continue to resolve the issue with Dr. Stein, you have just received the yearly profit and loss statement from the CFO. You are surprised to see that despite the troubles with Dr. Stein, he has attracted several new patients that require his care continuously, such that, Dr. Stein is the highest revenue producer at your hospital. This is perplexing because if Dr. Stein leaves the hospital, the economic implications of his revenues alone could mean a severe loss for the hospital.

You continue to think about strategies and approaches to resolve this conflict with Dr. Stein. However, you just received a phone call from the local news agency asking if you would be willing to make a public statement to Dr. Stein’s breaking interview about the mismanagement and poor handling of physicians at your hospital.

Post an explanation of how this new information might affect your legal and administrative approach to remedy this staff challenge. As a current or future healthcare administration leader, would you do anything differently? Be specific and provide examples.

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