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DDHA 8900: Implementation of Root Cause Analysis

As a current or future health care administration leader you may be involved in the determination of organizational mishaps that may be captured by implementing root cause analysis (RCA). As you have examined this week, RCA is a common tool that health care administration leaders might use to help effect organizational change for positive outcomes that foster quality and effective health care delivery in health services organizations.

For this Discussion, review the text chapter and the JAMA article in this week’s resources. Think about the implementation of RCA and reflect on what might be missing from RCA to make more effective and efficient. Think about what techniques might be implemented in health services organizations to implement RCA.

Post, an explanation of the implementation of RCA in an “ideal” organization. Describe what should be done to make RCA as useful as it can be, and explain why. Then, describe how your health services organization, or one with which you are familiar, uses RCA or another process for investigating mishaps. Be specific and provide examples.

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