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digital photography and image editing

Take 9 photographs of one medium-sized object (for example: a teapot, a fire hydrant, a bicycle, a chair, a toaster, a lawn mower or snow blower) with a reasonable amount of detail from at least 8 different angles and distances.

You may move the object to different locations or lighting conditions, as long as the photographs are clearly of the same object.

Examples of objects that could be used for the Point of View assignment

AVOID objects that are too simple (such as a packing box or storage tub), too small (such as a coffee mug or hair dryer), or too large (such as a sofa or an automobile). Instead of taking a snapshot from standing height, move in close to capture detail, drop down low and look up at it, view the object from above, and/or step further away to include the object as part of its surroundings.

If you have any questions about whether an object is suitable, ask your instructor.

NO people or pets!

Do NOT change or transform the object. (If you shoot eggs out of their shells, you may NOT make an omelet with them.)

  • This is a continuation of exploring compositional theories, so use compositional theories like formal or informal balance, rule of thirds, or negative space creatively.
  • Be highly aware of the midground and background as well as the colors of the object and its surroundings.
  • You are composing the object within the frame of your camera. Your compositions should be framed in landscape mode (NOT portrait/selfie mode.)
  • Eliminate distracting elements, especially elements with too much detail that distract from the subject. You might also shoot the object under different lighting conditions (except 3-point lighting, which is another assignment).
Submission Instructions

Rename your images to indicate the object (example: toaster01, toaster 02, etc.)

ZIP all images into a “Point_of_View_All_Images” folder, then select your 3 strongest images and ZIP them into a “Point_of_View_Best_Images” folder.

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