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Digital Reflective Video 2

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to create an activity that incorporates all aforementioned forms of creative arts we have discussed in class and from the text. This includes: visual arts, dramatic arts, music, and movement. You may also incorporate any of these approaches into an introductory or follow-up activity, in addition to your primary activity.

Directions: Develop a digital reflective videos using the Educreations app (Links to an external site.)


Password: Ms780066_

Make sure to speak, draw, and test different features of this app before you submit your reflective videos. Your reflective video will include a lesson containing an introductory activity, primary activity, and follow-up activity. You will discuss your preplanning, materials needed, procedures, and how you would facilitate students learning.

Please include the following:

  • Title of lesson
  • Learning objective
  • Grade level
  • Content areas and art forms
  • Standards addressed (Look up Common Core Standards or Sunshine State Standards)
  • Developmental skills addressed
  • Materials needed
  • Classroom setup
  • Arts skills builder (warm-up/introductory activity)
  • Procedures
  • Follow-up activity
  • Habits of Mind that assisted you with this activity

*****No length requirement, when done just save and I will go back in and do the voice over, you don’t have to do that part.*****

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