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Discuss the follow

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Week 1 Wiki

Make your initial page entry and make ONE comment to at least one student about their post. Click Create Wiki Page on the action bar to begin. Please add meaningful titles to your wiki pages so they are easy to scan in the side panel. Click the title Week 1 Wiki above to access the course wiki and topic.

In Chapter 1 of Dick & Carey’s book on page 4, constructivism is mentioned. Define constructivism and behaviorism and find one article from the Keiser library about the constructivist approach and one article about the behaviorist approach. Choose one instructional goal from your field or discipline of healthcare (or one you are interested in) and state which of these two approaches you would choose if you were designing instruction for the goal. You will be writing a constructivist lesson plan for your final exam in Week 4. You must use the library and find a scholarly article. Summarize what you read in the articles and include the link to the article and the APA style reference.

Learn more about Behaviorism and Constructivism:



This week’s topic: Introduction to Instructional Design

Chapter 3 classifies instructional goals in these domains: intellectual skill, verbal information, psychomotor skill, and attitude. Read each of the following instructional goals and classify the type of learning reflected in each:

  • Use appropriate language (content and tone) in informal conversations in the workplace.
  • Name the countries in the European Union.
  • Perform a back handspring in a gymnastics routine.
  • Track hurricanes using both longitude and latitude lines.
  • Perform a goal analysis.

Then, in your initial post, submit at least 3 instructional goals in any of the domains (intellectual skill, verbal information, psychomotor skill, and attitude) that are related to health care. For example, you might submit the goal of counting respirations as a psychomotor skill in nursing. What is instructional design and how is it useful in your field?

To reply to two fellow participants, Thank you.


Need Assessment

Chapter 2 discusses Needs Assessment and states “the logic of needs assessment can be summarized as a simple equation: Desired status – Actual status = Need. (See pages 23-24 in the required text). With this equation in mind, discuss:

  • Discrepancy analysis
  • The three components of needs assessment logic.
  • Gap
  • Needs assessment as a critical component of the total design process.

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