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Does the Crime Fit the Age? CRJS 2002

Does the punishment fit the crime? You may consider this question in light of a particular offense, whether it be murder or truancy.

But what if the crime, even a serious one, is perpetrated by a young person who may not truly understand the consequences of their actions? When following the fundamental distinctions between juvenile and adult in the eyes of the criminal justice system, that initial question becomes much more complicated.

In this Discussion, you consider your conception of juvenile in relation to a contemporary crime story.

To prepare:

  • Your Instructor may post a contemporary news story or other current example of a juvenile crime occurrence; alternately, your Instructor may invite you to find your own example.
  • Read the Instructor’s posted contemporary crime story or refer to a story you researched.

By Day 3 of Week 1

Post a response to the following:

  • Should juveniles be treated differently than adults by the criminal justice system?
  • Refer to the contemporary or current event example and this week’s Learning Resources to illustrate your position.
  • You may also incorporate professional or life experience to illustrate your position.

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