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Downloading the necessary forms from and file the tax return

Downloading the necessary forms from please file the tax return for John Richard born 03/09/1955 retired and legally blind who has interest from the Community bank $620 ordinary dividends $560 and Qualified dividends $560 and Retirement pension of $10,560 fully taxable and Social security of $12096, His SSN 123-90-7890

His wife Gina Richard born 08/10/1966 has wage of $12,490 from which federal tax withhold is $ 980. Her SSN is 321-09-0987

They have a daughter Samantha, born 01/09/1998. She is 3th year in FAU and her tuition is $6890. She receives Florida Bright future medallion in amount of $2400. Her SSN 456-90-1234

Richards live in Miami, 1030 SW street 33890


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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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