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Enhance faculty competencies and skills in online teaching workshop

  1. Topic: Enhance faculty competencies and skills in online teaching


designing a “Faculty Enhancement workshop for the above topic in power point use themes graphic

read attachment title (FACULTY DEVELOPMENT NEED ASSESSMENT 1) which this assignment build based on it.

workshop overall design

a. State the smart objectives of Faculty Enhancement workshop based on the topic

b. Explain the educational strategies that will be used in the Faculty Enhancement workshop.

Stages of designing faculty development program:

• Planning stage. (this is what we are going to write about only)

  • Implementation stage.
  • Evaluation stage.
  • Planning Stage

    There are three steps in the planning stage in creating a faculty development program.

    Identified responsible team for FD will help the FD program to success:

  • Put Someone in Charge
  • Obtain Support of Leaders (money, release time, travel, etc.)
  • Identify Overall Goal(s) of the Faculty Enhancement Program
  • Continue Needs Assessment Efforts
  • Develop Timetables, Dates, Agendas and Responsibilities
  • • Conduct Frequent Planning Meetings (review all timetables, agendas, Responsibilities and materials)

    Workshop Features:

    Generally small, usually from 6 to 15 participants, allowing everyone some personal attention and the chance to be heard.

    Venue: in class

    Group designing the workshop are 4 members in total only one person in charge of pre planning of the workshop.

    Attached example 1, and 2

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