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Ethics question


Develop your own personal ethics strategy using the terms and concepts you have learned so far in the course. Review your course text book, especially the end of chapter sections for further ideas. Once you complete your strategy, determine how your strategy will fair in businesses in Canada and in one other country outside North America.

Your strategy document should include the following sections:

  • ● Leadership Approach: Provide a short summary of how you would use this personal ethical strategy within a leadership role. Explain how different organizational structures may affect this approach (200 words)
  • ● Key Values: List 5 personal values. Describe the value and explain why it’s important to you. For each value, provide an example of an action/behavior you could take within a business environment that demonstrates this value. Values may be based on political ideologies, religious beliefs, or the identities you associate with. (500 words)
  • ● Ethical Dilemmas: Provide 3 examples of potential ethical dilemmas you might face within a business environment and explain how you would handle these dilemmas. (500 words)
  • ● Trans-cultural Corporate Ethics: Give three examples of how your ethics will support working with colleagues and/or business partners from other countries. How do your values support diversity as an ethical practice? What can you do to ensure you understand the ethical priorities and values within another country? (200 words)

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