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Fashion Design Question

Here is what your assignment MUST include:

  • Introduction-why are they current to fashion right now in your own words (no I statements).
  • Designer’s name/Name of their line.
  • Their history-where they attended school, family, their voyage into fashion.
  • Their design Inspirations.
  • Where they show their work.
  • 5.. Their website or Instagram (any social media).
  • Any fun or interesting facts about the designer or their work.
  • APA references for both writing and photos.
  1. Utilize the templates provided to help with the set-up of your Fact Sheet.
  2. Add at least five Photos of most relevant pieces and a photo of the Designer.
  3. 2 Pages ONLY including references-References and citations must be completed in APA for the written word and the images.

I upload two templates for help to finish this task (it could change a bit)


thank you so much.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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