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general discussion post (5:2)

250-300 words. APA format. 2 references needed and cited

Explain what is meant by multidisciplinary team work. Provide an example. Why is it important for a multidisciplinary team to work toward the achievement of common goals in the field of prevention? Explain whether multidisciplinary teams (in mental health work) are the ideal model or not.

Read “Integrated Multidisciplinary Treatment Teams; A Mental Health Model for Outpatient Settings in the Military,” by Patrick et al., from Military Medicine (2011). “Balancing Confidentiality and Collaboration Within Multidisciplinary Health Care Teams,” by Liew, from Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings (2012).

undefined…Read “Staff Relationships in Multidisciplinary Teams,” by Hill-Smith et al., from Mental Health Practice (2012).


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