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Graphic Design Question

Reading assignment – Requirements:

● List at least three main concepts/terminologies/names that were new to you and give a

definition from a proper source. Attach your source(s) to your answer.

● Make a list of all the resources mentioned in the reading: projects, case studies, books,

names,… etc; for your own reference.

● Bring at least two additional resources, be it a video, an article, an example… etc; that is

related to the subject of the reading. These additional topics should not be in the same

topic, but within the domain of it.

● A written response of minimum 250 words. A response should reflect your own

comprehension of the material, state your opinions, bring examples, and counter-argue.

Avoid sheer overview and rephrasing of ideas unless you use them as an introduction to

your own ideas.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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