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greek sculptures

1. How did people appear in 1st and 2nd Century Roman Portraits?
2. What was Verism and what does that represent/Who would have been depicted like this?
3. Who are the “new men”?
4. Explain specifically some of the physical characteristics of Verism.
5. What were some of the ‘Roman Republican Virtues’?
6. In the Augustus tradition (Empire/dictator) the appearances changed how? Explain the physical characteristics and why that change occurred.
7. Emperor Hadrian is meant to look like what/whom, showing his love for Greek culture? Emperor Caracalla, how is presented differently from previous emperors? Explain three descriptions of his personality.
8. Creative challenge: can you name an actor/ famous person who would look like each of these four Portraits Periods?

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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