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Health Promotion Activity

The area of interest from Healthy People 2020: Cardiovascular disease and stroke

Design a program to reduce morbidity and mortality for a city, county, or state. (Maryland)

You will need to demonstrate how this program will affect the population within your specific location.

In order to complete this assignment, you will need to conduct a review of your community to see what resources are currently available to improve outcomes for your specific health issue.

The content areas from the course need to be addressed in this 6 page paper.

Suggested format for this paper is below:


Part 1 The Health Promotion Issue: Cardiovascular disease and stroke

    1. Population problem that this program will be addressing.- give local and national data about this problem
    2. The epidemiological basis for your program.
    3. Assessment of current initiatives within your community to address this health issue. Describe what resources are available and why or why not additional resources are needed.
    4. Cultural Diversity/Health Disparities/Social Justice- What cultural, social issues does the population within this program face, and how will this program work to address these issues?

Part 2 The Program Plan

    1. Give an overview of the health promotion program that you have developed.
    2. Why is this program needed in your community and how will it support/interact with current resources in place?
    3. Organization Plan- Explain the organization within this program; how will it operate?
    4. Leadership- How would you, in a leadership position, make this program a success?
    5. Finances- How would this program be funded?
    6. Regulations- What regulations would this program need to follow?
    7. Stakeholders- Who will support or reject this program?
    8. Quality Assurance Plan- How will you ensure that this program meets standards and is meeting its mission/vision/goals?

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