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Final Project Plan: PowerPoint Presentation

You developed your project plan in the last unit. In this unit, you are going to present your plan in a PowerPoint presentation. In addition to the title and references slides, you should have one slide for each of the required elements from your project plan, for a total of 10 slides.

Your PowerPoint presentation will include the same elements as your final project plan in Unit VII; see below.

  1. Title slide
  2. Project Overview
  3. Project Mission Statement and Scope Statement
  4. Project Schedule and Control
  5. Project Management Structure and Budget
  6. Work Breakdown Structure
  7. Risk Management Process
  8. Project Communication
  9. Project Closure
  10. References slide

This is an academic presentation. Use the notes section of PowerPoint to clarify your points and to write out your narrative. Your slides should be clear, concise, and professional. Use graphs, charts, and other visual aids to enhance your presentation. Be sure to cite and reference the textbook at a minimum, and follow APA style.

Notes about the projecct


You may want to revisit the recording of the last seminar. Let’s start at the beginning. I am going to share all that I expect. Then, you can compare it to what you did on this assignment. The title is to be in bold and centered on the cover page. Then, there should be a single blank double-spaced line between the title and your name. After the cover page, you are to begin with the title as it appears on the cover page. Then, you are to proceed with an introductory paragraph. What do you intend to present in the paragraphs that follow? As noted in the instructions, the body of your document was to be a minimum of eight pages in length. This does not include the cover and references pages. Each key topic area should be clearly identified using a level one heading. A level one heading should be centered, use upper- and lower-case letters, and appear in bold. The mission statement is separate from the scope statement. All key topic areas are to be addressed. The mission identifies the purpose. The scope statement should address cost, schedule, and performance parameters. The WBS should identify actions and serve as the foundation for building the schedule. Remember, for this project in this class, you are the project manager. The schedule should identify durations, start and finish dates, and responsible parties for each activity. You would also want to consider the relationships between the activities. A PM is not going to manage a “schedule” in paragraph form. In monitoring and controlling your project, are you not comparing the planned values (cost and schedule) to the actuals? I would encourage you to explore the use of earned value as there are a number of calculations that can be performed. This would be done throughout the project and not just at the end. When considering the project structure, what are the reporting relationships? What is your budget? When determining the budget, you were to use the bottom-up approach since it is more accurate. There should be a cost associated with each item in the schedule. What calculations were performed? Even if you used arbitrary numbers for an hourly rate, I would like to see you calculating the labor cost for each activity. You may want to explore the difference between a risk and a risk factor. A risk is what might happen. A risk factor is what is involved. When assessing risk, one needs to consider the probability of occurrence and the potential impact of each. Different stakeholders will have different communication needs. A communication plan matrix should be used to clearly identify who needs what from whom when and in what form. Within the closure process, there needs to be some mention of lessons learned. What happens to the team members? A conclusion paragraph should be used to summarize the information presented. On your references page, the heading is to be centered, in bold, and not followed by a colon. References are not to be identified using bullets. The first line of each reference should begin at the left margin. The second and subsequent lines of each reference are to begin with a half-inch indent. As noted in the instructions, you were to include our textbook in your list of references. All references are to be listed in alphabetical order based on the authors’ last names or what appears first. For each reference listed, there needs to be at least one in-text citation. Otherwise, the reference should be removed. When there are three or more authors for a reference, any associated citations should only identify the first author’s last name followed by et al. When making a direct quote, the citation must include the page or paragraph number where the quote appears in the source. This citation should appear outside of the quotation marks but before the final punctuation in the sentence. Are you familiar with widows and orphans in MS Word? When there is only a single line of a heading at the bottom of a page, a forced page break should be used to move the heading to the next page with the associated text. There are to be no first initials included in citations. You can find out more at While you may or may not have had issues with all of the comments shared, I would expect to see this feedback being incorporated into your final presentation. You can do this!

Dr. Carol

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