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How does Bipolar disorder affect and impact college students?

Writing Assignment #2: This paper must be a minimum of 3 full pages in length, not counting the title page, or reference page(s). The format should be doublespaced, written using 12pt. font, Times New Roman font,1” margins, and numbered pages. References must be written in the American Psychological Association (APA) style.

A minimum of 4 peer-reviewed sources required not older than 10 years.

Problem: Describe the health problem of bipolar disorder in college students.

The community at Risk: What is the community that is at high risk of bipolar disorder?

Health Statistics: How do the rates of disease or the health condition differ for the population of bipolar disorder compared to the overall U.S. population?

Influencing Social Factors: Describe how various factors influence the healthy wellbeing of individuals living in community at risk.

Recommendations: What are recommendations for how the bipolar disorder in college students can be alleviated?

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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