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I don’t have a copy of the book you would need to find it online but I am providing the textbook information.

You are required to turn in a 1 page single spaced (absolutely no more, shouldn’t be much less) summary outline for each chapter assigned. The format of the summary is flexible (e.g., detailed outline) and should be prepared with the exam in mind. This is for chapter 9 & 10 so that’s 1 single spaced page/chapter.

After the summaries (detailed outlines) are completed you will need to write one discussion question about chapter 9 and chapter 10 so that the class can respond to it.

For each assigned reading (textbook chapters), you will post 1 discussion question.

Discussion Questions: You will be evaluated based on the quality of your discussion questions. High quality discussion questions are (a) specific, (b) demonstrate an understanding of the material read, and (c) are not easily answered. I will also send the information for the textbook.

I will be uploading an example of what the format of the summary (detailed outline) should look like of the chapters. The outline of the 2 chapters must be detailed.

Textbook: Griffin, R., Phillips, J., & Gully, S. 2019. Organizational Behavior: Managing People and Organizations. 13th Edition. Boston, MA: Cengage. ISBN: 9780357042502.

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