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Individuals Resistance to Change Case 2


Case Assignment

Read the following case study:

Nelsen, B. J., & Valadez, M. S. (2012). Resistance to technological change: The case of the unused calculators. Journal of Case Studies, 30(2), 14-20. Available in the Trident Online Library.

Then, in a well-written 5- to 6-page paper, to include 3 scholarly sources from the required and optional readings list, please respond to the following:

Part One:

  • Briefly summarize the circumstances confronting Ms. Figueroa in her quest to have the calculators widely used at the American School for the Deaf (ASD).

Part Two:

  • Identify the key individuals (stakeholder groups) in the unused calculator case, and discuss the extent to which each stakeholder is resistant to change (i.e., is amenable to use of the technology).
  • How might the different perspectives of each of the major stakeholders, in this case, come together to further increase the overall resistance to change at the ASD?

Part Three: Using the background readings:

  • What factors—other than the technology itself—do you believe contributed to the resistance to change on the part of each of the major stakeholders you have identified in Item #2 above (mistrust, fear, loss of job security)?

Part Four: Conclude your paper by commenting on the following:

  • Is it possible that Ms. Figueroa can resolve this situation such that the calculators can be used at the ASD?
  • Or, is the resistance to change at the ASD now impossible to overcome? Be sure to explain your reasoning.

Assignment Expectations

  1. Your paper must be a minimum of 5 pages in length (excluding title and references pages).
  2. Be sure to cite and reference (Using APA Style) a minimum of 3 scholarly sources listed in the Course Materials and Bibliography (Module 2 required and Optional Reading List), or in the Module 2 Background Page: Required and Optional Readings.

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