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InOrganice Chem Lab report covering two experiments

Please ignore the number of pages since it is not essential to have that amount of pages. The most important thing is to follow the instructions.


I will provide everything that you need, including finished Lab report 1 to know what to do exactly, the results and lab data for the two experiments covered by this report, how the previous lab report (report 1) was graded, and also the procedures for the two experiments.

Like lab report #1, this report must also contain the following sections:

(a) Introduction
(b) Results
(c) Discussion
(d) Conclusions
(e) Experimental
(f) References

Lab report #2 mainly covers experiments that we did during Weeks 11-14; however, it
also requires you to review some of the data that you obtained in Weeks 3/4.

In the Introduction section, briefly describe (1) why cobalt complexes derived from
Schiff base ligands are interesting to study, and (2) how Ni(OAc)4•H2O and Ni(acac)2
behave differently as precursors for the synthesis of nickel complexes (6 points). You
should use SciFinder to find relevant papers that discuss these two aspects and cite the
references appropriately.

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