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Intelligence Theory

Hello there, I need help answering this prompt and have a small discussion so Just follow the prompt.

Intelligence Page

Let’s do this!

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For our trip, please gather information about intelligence theory. Take notes so that you can adequately respond to the prompts at the end of our journey.

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There are two major theories about intelligence. Both of these theories suggest that there are multiple types of intelligences. You should know about both of them. The authors are both a live and they know each other. Like most theories, this is our best guess as to what intelligence is at this point. So, our first stop is to learn about Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence.

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Now, let’s learn about Sternberg’s Triarchic Theory of Intelligence.

Now pause a moment. Imagine! The two leading theorists about intelligence are still alive today. That is how new this particular construct is. As such, there is much we have to learn. Moreover, there is controversy about the idea about intelligence.

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Watch this video to learn about the controversy. We should be critical thinkers about the notion about intelligence theories.

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Let’s learn more about the controversy by exploring how intelligence and the assessments that measure intelligence have been discriminatory.

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Let’s stop one more time. How did we get here? How did we get to two different theories about intelligence theories and a history of controversy around the construct. Well, I study educational psychology so the answer I seek comes from theory, specifically, a learning theory known as Socio-cultural Learning Theory (SCT). SCT is an important theory that explains how we (humans) learn. Watch this video that summarizes this very big but robust theory. The theory can explain how we learn to read as well as how we learn the theory of relativity. As you watch it, think about how humans created the construct of theory and why it might also explain its limitation.

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Finally, read chapter 5 from the Book, Cultivating Genius (2020) by Gholdy Muhammad. This chapter helps explore a more culturally inclusive view of intelligence. As you read, think about this perspective of intelligence is similar to or different from the previous theories.

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Time to process all of what you learned. Please complete this reflection.

Let me know if you have any questions and Thank you.

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