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Introduction To Humanities

1000 words total. 3 APA cited references and reference list. No plagiarism!
1. In this essay, you will choose one photographic image to critique as a work of art. You may choose an image from either the Straight Photography, The Documentarists or The Modern Eye sections of Chapter 11. Questions for you to consider in your essay:

  • o Why did you choose this particular image? What appeals to you about it? What intrigues you?
    o What ‘school’ or movement does it relate to i.e., straight, documentary or modern and what are some of the characteristics of your chosen image as it relates to the movement or school it’s a part of?
    o Based on everything we’ve learned so far about art (and photography), how would you evaluate this photograph as a work of art?

    For question 2, 250 words total. 2 APA cited references and reference list. No plagiarism
    2. Share with us what you consider to be the greatest film ever made. Begin by telling us a little bit about the film (1 paragraph). In 1-2 additional paragraphs, tell us about what makes this film ‘great’ and how it functions as a piece of visual art. What do you most love about it? Why would you recommend it? What qualities of ‘art’ does your chosen film exhibit?
    Refer to the chapter readings from this week to help you build in support for your nomination of the ‘greatest film ever made.’ In other words, what 2-3 cinematographic qualities does your film embody that adds to its greatness. You might choose to talk about how the film is directed, the actors, the dialogue, the lighting, point of view, cinematic structure, lighting etc. Lots to choose from!

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