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ivannoh (retail work)

This work must be 4000 words and not less than that. Note, that I have attached assignment 1: the organization used in assignment 1 MUST be the same one to be used in this assignment. This work must be of exceptional quality and if cant meet the quality outlined please don’t bid on the work. There are lecture notes attached. YOU MUST GO THROUGH THOSE NOTES VERY WELL, AND MAKE SURE THE THEORIES USED IN THE NOTES ARE STRICTLY USED IN THE WORK AND NO THEORY OUTSIDE THE NOTES SHOULD BE USE. I repeat, YOU MUST USE THEORIES IN THE N0TES AND NOT ANY OTHER THEORIES. YOU MUST USE THEORIES ON THE NOTES AND NOT ANY OTHER THEORIES.

Structure of paragraphs

You must focus on using 100 words paragraphs. Each paragraph must have a topic sentence. Note that, you must have two different in text citations in each paragraph and they should not be in the first or last sentence of the paragraph. Don’t bother at all if you don’t focus on putting the paragraphs this way. Grammar must be excellent and should be above 97% in premium grammar. Please, you should proofread the work to make sure no errors at all. THIS WORK MUST NOT COME BACK FOR REVISION AT ALL.

make sure you read the notes very well and most of the work should be based on the notes.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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