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(Jerrri.) See below. No length requirement, answer all questions.

Here is your written project for this course. I want you to complete a risk assessment of the current U.S. Border Crisis using the below THIRA Model. (Focus on the Southern Border)

The THIRA is a three-step risk assessment completed every three years. It helps communities answer the following questions: § What threats and hazards can affect our community? If they occurred, what impacts would those threats and hazards have on our community? Based on those impacts, what capabilities should our community have? The THIRA helps communities understand their risks and determine the level of capability they need in order to address those risks. The outputs from this process lay the foundation for determining a community’s capability gaps during the SPR process.

1. Identify Threats and Hazards of Concern: Based on a combination of experience, forecasting, subject matter expertise, and other available resources, develop a list of threats and hazards that could affect the community. When deciding what threats and hazards to include in the THIRA, communities consider only those that challenge the community’s ability to deliver at least one core capability more than any other threat or hazard; the THIRA is not intended to include less challenging threats and hazards.

2. Give Threats and Hazards Context: Describe the threats and hazards identified in Step 1, showing how they may affect the community and create challenges in performing the core capabilities. Identify the impacts a threat or hazard may have on a community.

3. Establish Capability Targets: Using the impacts described in Step 2, determine the level of capability that the community plans to achieve over time in order to manage the threats and hazards it faces. Using standardized language, create capability targets for each of the core capabilities based on this desired level of capability by identifying impacts, objectives, and timeframe metrics

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