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legislative issue discussion

Hello I have a discussion that is needed for my class. The information is listed below and you are able to pick any currently legislative issue that is current in the United States or within in Alabama. Just need help. Thank you

  1. Identify a piece of current/potential legislation related to NPs/NP practice that is being considered or proposed. It can be local/state/regional/national/international. (Tip: check your professional organizations and state nursing agencies.)
  2. Your posting should be in your own words (do not cut/paste from another source). Please remember to provide a reference for your source(s), and cite your source(s) in the text if needed. Your posting should include:
  • One paragraph synopsis of the bill/legislation, including:
    • What nursing group(s) are proposing/backing the bill
    • When the final vote/decision will be made about the legislation (if in current legislative process; or note that it has not started the process).
  • One paragraph on your opinion on the legislation, including:
    • What the legislation will provide for NPs
    • Why you think the legislation is well-written or is flawed/incomplete

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